our frequently asked questions

Melbourne and Adelaide has the perfect climate for evaporative cooling. Well maintained, your evaporative cooler will provide many years of cool fresh air for the entire home at a very affordable cost.

Evaporative cooling is the natural form of cooling, with the benefit of it being much friendlier towards the environment and our precious resources.

All evaporative units need regular maintenance. The frequency of servicing depends on both features and usage, generally 12-24 months for residential and 3-6months for commercial.

Some owners have been led to believe that their unit is maintenance free. This is definitely incorrect, as all units need to be maintained to ensure clean and efficient operation and to minimise the chance and severity of any breakdowns.

Correctly maintained, your evaporative unit should last for well over 15 years. We have many customers with units well in excess of 20-25 years that are still providing excellent cooling of their homes.

Unlike refrigerated air conditioning, where air is chilled, dried and recirculated, with evaporative air conditioning there is a continuous flow of fresh air into your home. The cool fresh air forces out the older warm air through openings such as windows and doors.

Warm air is drawn through wetted filter pads. The outside air temperature is lowered by the evaporative process and the cool air is directed into your home.

Most pollen, dust and pollutants are filtered out through the wet filter pads. This is great for allergy sufferers.