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Evaporative cooling – The most natural form of cooling for you and your family.

Our environment here is the perfect climate for evaporative cooling. Well maintained, your evaporative cooler will provide many years of cool fresh air for the entire home at a very affordable cost. Evaporative cooling is the most natural form of cooling, and it has the benefit of being much friendlier towards our environment and our precious resources.

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your evaporative cooler runs smoothly and efficiently. Our maintenance services cater to both residential and commercial units, with frequencies ranging from 12-24 months for homes and 3-6 months for businesses.

Misconceptions about evaporative units being maintenance-free can lead to decreased performance and increased likelihood of breakdowns. With proper care, your evaporative cooler can last for well over 20 years and provide a consistent source of cool, fresh air for your home. Contact us today to help you keep your unit running at its best.

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